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How can we make a difference when the issues are so vast?

After the amazing success of the Deane Dragon Trail in 2014, the team has come back together, with the addition of new volunteers, to create another exciting sculpture Trail focused around the Taunton area.

The success of the last trail, through the inclusion of all ages, saw increased footfall for the town and surrounding area. Following the Covid pandemic, our local businesses need local support more than ever.
We feel there is an opportunity through our voluntary group to help. This ambitious project will engage people by inviting them to have “a rubbish day out”, the strapline for our new trail, and join a trail of strategically located sculptures that encourage conversation around the impact we all have on our planet.

Plastic Polluted Ocean
Dragon Trail sculptures

"As a team, we believe we can influence behaviour through enjoyable education, and we intend to raise awareness of climate impacts."

We have all seen the tragic images on the news and media outlets of the impacts of climate change, and for some, there is a feeling of helplessness.

Litter Picking

Our Mission

Whilst we are very lucky to live in such a beautiful part of the world, we are not exempt from liability, and the growing perception is we can all effect positive change, no matter how small.

Trash Trail is about creating a sustainable future for our community and promoting the local businesses that drive it.

Our Vision

Our colourful trail of Litterbugs - sculptures designed by professional artists and donated to the Trail - will engage family and friends to rally the community into action through an enjoyable event of artwork and the environment.

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Meet The Artists



Meet The Team

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