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How Donations Help

From the people that brought you the Dragon Trail in 2014, why not have a “rubbish day out” hunting down their latest trail of colourful Litterbugs and help raise much-needed funds for local communities through Somerset Community Foundation.

Somerset Community Foundation helps passionate people in Somerset change the world on their doorstep by funding local charities and inspiring local giving and philanthropy. Through their local grant-making, they aim to build stronger communities in Somerset where everyone has the opportunity to thrive. Thanks to the generosity of local donors, they fund amazing organisations and the passionate people within them that change lives every day. Since they were founded in 2002, the charity has awarded £20 million in funding, changing thousands of lives across Somerset.

Somerset Community Foundation logo

The original Dragon Trail, spearheaded by Dave Durdan in his year as Mayor of Taunton in 2014, raised an incredible £100,000 for Somerset Community Foundation, establishing a permanent charitable fund – The Fair View Fund - for the communities of Taunton and West Somerset.

Proceeds from Trash Trail will be added to The Fair View Fund to provide funding for small, local charities in Taunton and West Somerset. The fund will support local projects that benefit the environment, help young people to achieve a brighter future, and create better community spaces and places. So, your support will have a lasting impact on the lives of local people and our communities for generations to come.

Your local impact of supporting Trash Trail

Since 2015, the funds raised from the Dragon Trail has supported over 50 local groups and community projects.

Taunton-based charity On Your Bike is just one charity to benefit from a grant from funds raised from the Dragon Trail.

On Your Bike aim to train and support disadvantaged young people, ex-servicemen and people who are long-term unemployed by offering them voluntary work placements refurbishing unwanted bikes.

On Your Bike Workshop
On Your Bike logo
Apprentice at On Your Bike

The grant enabled four apprentices to complete training so that they were able to repair and build bike frames. But perhaps, just as importantly, the project helped to give these apprentices a sense of achievement and helped them to turn their lives around. One of the team from On Your Bike, explains:

“We support people who are disadvantaged in one or more areas of their life. They often have a lack of confidence, purpose, self-respect, and sometimes a lack of social skills, and this has led to a disengagement from society. We address that by helping them to re-engage with both themselves and with society. Some of our beneficiaries have spent a number of years depressed or inactive. It’s quite surprising how long some people can remain like that before they feel able to do something about it.


We recently started working with a 25-year-old with Asperger’s and OCD. He had a difficult time in education, leaving four schools before he was finally expelled aged 14. He’s spent the last 11 years essentially doing nothing. His mum is a qualified social worker and had tried, unsuccessfully, to help him. When he came to us he was incredibly anxious. Now, after just two weeks, he’s confident and engaged; he’s speaking to people and is already starting to make friendships.”

By supporting the Trash Trail you will enable Somerset Community Foundation to fund more inspirational projects like On Your Bike and help change the world on your doorstep.

The Fair View Fund is managed by Somerset Community Foundation, charity no: 1094446.

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